Who are we?

Josiah "JJ" Coe


Chief Camera Officer

Alex Trokey


​Chief Everything Else Officer

Who are we? Gosh, that's a big question. How much time do you have? Who is anybody? What does it mean to "be" somebody? Why can't we seem to agree on whether a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable?

Let's put the big questions aside for one minute and start with some names. My name is Alex Trokey and my co-founder is Josiah "JJ" Coe. If you poke through our content you're bound to see one or both of us within two seconds. We live in Homer, Alaska and teamed up in late 2019 to work on The Homer Alaska Podcast, a show I started in March of that year. JJ came aboard to do all the photo and video work and to make me sound less like a sad, lonely bro with a microphone. I did everything else. Our roles are largely the same today.

As we worked on The Homer Alaska Podcast people reached out from not just the state, but all over the country telling us how much they love Homer and Alaska. People were hungry for any and all Alaska content, even a simple interview show in a small town. JJ and I wanted to make more videos and write, and have an excuse to meet more amazing Alaskans outside the Kachemak Bay area. And thus we decided to expand our enterprise to The Alaska Show.

Why call it "The Alaska Show?" First and foremost, we value clarity over clever names. It implies entertainment over journalism and it doesn't pigeonhole us. It almost sounds like the name of one of the 60+ reality television shows that have been shot here. Except we want to show the real Alaskan perspective. The one that comes unfiltered straight from the mouths of the residents.

Pound-for-pound The Last Frontier has more interesting stories and people, and more raw natural beauty, than any other state in the US. We want to capture some of that essence through "new" media - through podcasts and videos and blogging - and try to show you, our listener/viewer/reader, the truth about this place.



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