Bay Weld's Uncharted Waters with Eric Engebretsen - Homer Alaska Podcast #10

This week I interviewed Eric Engebretsen. We talked all things Bay Welding - how he grew the company with his parents 10x in just 15 years, and where it is today. In that story he shared what life was like growing up in Homer, how he knew he was put on this earth to build things, and how leaving to see (quite literally) the world solidified his love of this town. He also shares some of his business philosophy and issues with passing family businesses down to the next generation.

Additionally, we have Denise Pitzman from Kachemak Group Real Estate to give us some great insight on overcoming the challenges to determine a property price in Homer and I tell a story of a good deed gone wrong and discuss the 1950s.

Intro (0:00 - 9:28)

Alaska Property Bros with Denise Pitzman on Pricing (9:28 - 15:34)

Interview with Eric Engebretsen (15:34 - 55:37)

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