Zen and the Art of Commercial Fishing with Infants with Megan Corazza - Homer Alaska Podcast #18

This week I sit down with Megan Corazza - lifelong Homer resident, 20 year fishing boat captain, and accomplished horseback hunter - to talk about her life. We dig into her psyche a little and talk about what drives her to keep fishing and hunting in the Alaskan wilderness, her experience as a skipper in Prince William Sound, how to raise a baby on a seiner, her parents and childhood, and why the culture of commercial fishing in Alaska is so special.

In "Chewing the Fat with Alex and JJ", JJ and Alex talk about how the role of a portrait photographer has changed in the last three decades, misconceptions about social media, and how Facebook and Instagram have turned into essential tools for our businesses.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Office Hours will be held at Kbay Cafe going forward and check out our store at HomerAlaskaPodcast.com/store!

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