Looking Forward and Looking Back - Homer Alaska Podcast #25

This week's episode is a little different. Since we had a last minute interview cancellation and it's the holiday season we chose to take this episode to reflect on 2019, look forward to 2020, take listener questions, and interview each other. If you are interested in how the show came to be, where it's going, or want to learn more about JJ and Alex this episode is for you!

Looking back on 2019 and forward to 2020 (1:15)

Events (20:58)

Social Media Questions (25:16)

Alex and JJ Questions for each other (46:58)

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Office Hours will be held at Kbay Cafe from 10am - 2pm this weekend and we welcome your feedback on Facebook, Instagram or email at homeralaskapodcast@gmail.com


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