Did We Just Become Best Friends with Camron and Collin Hagen - Homer Alaska Podcast #27

This week we sit down with brothers Collin and Camron Hagen to discuss their uncertain move to Homer at a young age, the scrappy start in the fishing industry, why a fart machine was the best gift they received in high school,  their last fight, standing up for your brother, leaving and returning to Homer, and the future of our town.

JJ and Alex go over the top five events of the 2010s and discuss our special holiday schedule.

Intro/Chewing the Fat (1:16) 

Spoonful of Medicine with South Peninsula Hospital - June Yamamoto (11:17) 

Interview with Camron and Colin Hagen (17:47)

Announcements: No office hours this weekend and no episode on December 25th!


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