Making Markets with Doug Bowen - Homer Alaska Podcast #26

This week we sit down with Doug Bowen, owner of Alaska Boats and Permits, to discuss his business of brokering vessels, IFQ, and limited entry fishing permits. We cover:

- The "Greying of the Fleet" and its causes

- How his business ebbs and flows with the commercial fishing industry

- An in-depth analysis of the halibut and black cod IFQ markets

- How the farmed salmon industry crushed the value of boats and permits in the early 2000s

- How vessel demand is impacted by the performance of the fisheries

- How he and his wife came to Homer from California after the Marine Corps in 1984

Chewing the Fat with Alex and JJ (0:56)

Spoonful of Medicine with SPH - Anna Hermanson (11:19)

Interview with Doug Bowen (17:09)


No office hours this week and no episode on Christmas!

The Alaska Show is going live on February 10th!

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