From Wheelhouse to Wheelchair with Pat McBride - Homer Alaska Podcast #28

This week we sit down with Pat McBride, former captain of the F/V Judy B - a black cod longliner that he ran in the Aleutians and Gulf of Alaska for 24 years - and the F/V Invader, a crabber. Pat has had an amazing life story growing up around the Chesapeake Bay and falling in love with Alaska at age 11 on a trip here with his brother, apprenticing as a shipwright, taking the school secretary Barbara up to China Poot after graduation, and making a life with her for the last four decades in Kachemak Bay. After running a successful operation for many years and retiring in 2007, Pat had a tragic car accident that committed him to a wheelchair for his golden years. He continues to rely on and support this community.


Chewing the Fat with Alex and JJ (0:54)

Spoonful of Medicine with SPH - Peggy Ellen Kleinleder (9:45)

Interview with Pat McBride (17:01)


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