Get Some Air with Chris Palmer - Homer Alaska Podcast #30

This week we sit down with Chris Palmer, the founder of Angle of Attack, an online ground school and Homer-based flight trainer. Chris talks to us about founding the company, why moving to Homer was the best decision of his life, his passion for aviation, and how and why he's built out extensive media and social media capabilities for his business.

JJ and Alex discuss the Eater article about Jeff Lockwood, Tyson Steele's harrowing experience in Susitna Valley, people posting videos of their dogs licking their faces, and announce THE HOMER ALASKA PODCAST ANNIVERSARY PARTY AND LIVE RECORDING AT ALICE'S ON MARCH 20TH.

Introduction/Chewing the Fat (1:15)

Spoonful of Medicine with South Peninsula Hospital - Edye Rathbun (13:32)

Interview with Chris Palmer (18:58)

Mentioned in the show - AviatorCast WWII Triple Ace Pilot Interview -

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Interview Notes

- Instagram live vs interviews on a podcast

- Instagram as a platform

- "Motivation Monday" - Chris's flight training Q&A

- Chris is founder of Angle of Attack, which started as a flight simulator trainer and transitioned into ground and flight training for real planes

- Chris combines video and photography skills with flight skills and Alaska's beautiful landscape for his business

- He is certified to take students from "knowing nothing" to commercial pilot level

- Angle of Attack was already a location-independent business when he moved to Alaska

- Sells ground school courses online all over the world

- Chris started Angle of Attack as a 21-year-old in Utah. Grew up in an entrepreneurial family. His father was in real estate.

- After starting Angle of Attack, he helped a company called Cirrus Aircraft develop training materials

- Then pivoted into flight training

- Chris took Boeing manuals and deduced them down into a 10-hour DVD courses to fly a 747 within flight simulator game

- In 2009 realized he could deliver video better online instead of through DVDs and in 2010 the business blew up

- Chris was born in Anchorage and wanted to move to Homer after he visited at 19 an 23 for the view and the beautiful scenery

- Why moving to Homer was the best decision Chris ever made

- His 5-year break from flying

- The difference between the Alaska flying community and lower 48 flying community

- Transitioning from simulation training to real flight training

- Why winter is a tough time for Chris's business

- Instagram has been a facilitator for many of Chris's real life relationships

- Chris actually has the #1 podcast in Homer with AviatorCast

- The blurred lines between Angle of Attack as Chris's hobby and business

- The strengths and weaknesses of a podcast as a business development tool

- How the podcast opens other doors

- Chris's interview with a WWII Ace fighter

- Instagram is Angle of Attack's #1 business development tool

- The importance to Chris of WHY his customers fly

- Dealing with nervous students

- The biggest reasons people quit flight training

- Chris believes becoming a pilot changes people

- Why boat captains make great pilots

- Chris's favorite places to fly in Alaska

- Why Seldovia is easy to fly into and difficult to fly out of

- Flying above the arctic circle to Bettles

- Where people can fly in Homer

- Why bear viewing is arguably the best flight-based tourist trip around Homer

- The future of Angle of Attack

- Why Chris think Homer hasn't really changed in the last 10 years

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