Pugs and Portraits and Bears, Oh My with Austin Parkhill - Homer Alaska Podcast #31

This week we sit down with Austin Parkhill, professional artist, amateur hockey player, and full time human-and-pug-dad. Austin talks to us about growing up in Golden, Colorado, trying to go into the NHL, becoming a full-time portrait artist, his art, his first success in the National Portait Gallery in Washington, DC, moving from Boston to Utgiagvik, and the beautiful light in Homer.

With no JJ this week as co-host I (Alex) discuss the jet ski Rorschach test, housesitting, and question whether Homer Communications Facebook Group is a positive thing for this community.

Introduction (0:54)

Spoonful of Medicine with South Peninsula Hospital - Susan Hubbard (12:10)

Interview with Austin Parkhill (19:39)




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