Eating Fruit Loops Without Looking With Jeannie Greene - Homer Alaska Podcast #32

This week we sit down with Lieutenant Commander Jeanette Greene (AKA Jeannie), the captain of the USCG Cutter Hickory, to talk to her about growing up landlocked, attending the Coast Guard Academy, her transient military life, why technical shooting is nerdy, taking over command of the Hickory, and the death of her sister.

Alex and JJ discuss JJ's trip to Florida, Alaska's first stores to allow on-site marijuana consumption, the death of Kobe Bryant, and Homer events.

Also, more details on The Homer Alaska Podcast anniversary party on March 21st at Alice's!

Intro/Chewing the Fat (0:00)

South Peninsula Hospital Rehab - Rich Kleinleder PTA (16:54)

Interview with Jeannie Greene (23:59)

The story of Jeannie's sister in Mission BBQ Stories of Service: Molly Waters


Military ceremony

The ease of leadership in the military

How people reach the top of the career ladder in the military and corporate America

Coasties who leave after 20 years and never want to see the ocean again

Growing up all over middle America


Entering the Coast Guard Academy

Why calculus is useless

Eating fruit loops without ever looking at them

Bonding with others in the Coast Guard Academy through shared crazy experiences

Joining the shooting team in college

Why shooting is nerdy

Did you know there are icebreakers in the great lakes?

Meeting her husband

Jeannie's coast guard career

Coast guard in Alaska

Taking over command of the Hickory

The death of her sister Molly Waters

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