The Ash Churchill Show - Homer Alaska Podcast #8

I sat down with Ash Churchill who, at under 40 years old, is building a strong case for being the most interesting man in the world. Born in Cairns, Australia Ash dropped out of high school to work on tug boats and in mining before running away with his scuba instructor to St. Thomas, getting married, and finding his way together with her up to Homer to run charter boats, fly drones, build off-grid homes, and help his customers buy and sell real estate in Homer.

Ash - known as Kachemak Group Real Estate's "Carhartt Realtor" to his customers - is sought for his insight into evaluating and developing raw land and his experience leveraging the latest energy technology to build his large, comfortable home completely off-grid.

I also discuss the value of a college degree and talk to Ash formally in our "Alaska Property Bros" segment about evaluating property for off-grid power.

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