Alaska Weekly Business Roundup - February 9th, 2020

Welcome to the Alaska Weekly Business Roundup. The weather has been fine down here in Homer. We can finally smell the plant life again. There's a vague twilight in the sky when I go to work in the morning. It feels like the worst of the winter is behind us.

Let's see what's going on around the state:

Influencers Open "Cool Vibes" Plant Shop in Anchorage, Millennials Abuzz

Carson Baldiviez and his fiance, Tanya Val, opened That Feeling Co., a "houseplant and coffee shop" in Anchorage. In our trip last weekend to Anchorage it was all trendy Spenardians were talking about.

Reportedly, the couple wanted to recreate their relaxed home vibes in a store and share their love for caring for their plant children with their customers. I'd poke fun at millennial-ness of it all but as someone born in '91 who has a podcast and a mother who is asking her Facebook followers to listen so I can have a future, I really have no leg to stand on.

No joke these two are wickedly talented designers and have a social media aesthetic across four successful IG accounts that looks good enough to eat. They also seem to have found an interesting niche in houseplants, which are totally chill, and I'm looking forward to stopping by in the future.

Kodiak "Mourns" Loss of KFC/Taco Bell

I would say "mourns" is too strong of a verb for a fast food restaurant - most of us reserve that term for dead family members - but anyone who has experienced the joy of holding a chalupa in one hand and a crispy drumstick in the other knows how deep this closure cuts. Sometimes you just want to drive-thru some chain and get that comfort food.

According to the story they will serve food until supplies run out, which they anticipate will be in two weeks. My money's on 4-5 days and all you'll be able to get is a Kentucky Grilled Chicken Breast, bleh. If I wanted something tasteless and semi-healthy I would just go to Subway!

What's the point? From

Pebble Limited Partnership releases draft mitigation plan

Pebble leadership releases draft of plan to mitigate harm to the environment. Tribal leaders and environmentalists say it's not enough. Pebble executives say actually, they are. I stopped trying to understand what the heck they were talking about after they started talking about "holistic approaches" to things. What can I say? I'm not a scientist. Just get ready to see stickers. Stickers everywhere.

$60M Boutique hotel and apartment building to rise in downtown Anchorage

Is this one going to have a boat theme or an aviation theme? It's a coin toss, but developers and the operator Hotel Indigo decided this 178-room, 13-story hotel will go with the latter. Sadly, this development is the first major hotel build in Anchorage since 1998, since when they've figured out how to pre-fab all the rooms in China, ship them over, and assemble them like an average-priced lego set (so expensive amirite?).

Hotel Indigo in Madison, WI -

The building will also feature 32 apartments. Anchorage officials hope it will create some kind of "domino effect" which will drive improvements in the surrounding blocks - which is basically a re-brand of the term "slippery slope" but refers to gentrification.

Co-founders of "The Alaska Show" criminally did not make the 2020 Top Forty Under 40 List by Alaska Journal of Commerce


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