Fake Fishing Trips, "Projects" In Your Yard, Record Travelers to ANC - Alaska Business Roundup 2/16

Welcome to the Alaska weekly business roundup, where we hit you with the most important business news of the week and the most relevant, engaging commentary.

Couple from Idaho has to Pay $100k in refunds to customers for fake Alaska fishing trips

This is the American dream. Craig and Crystal started with no money, no hope, not even a product to sell, just an internet connection, a complete lack of any conscience whatsoever, and love. They commit buckets of fraud, get a slap on the wrist, and are force to do business outside of Idaho going forward. That sounds like an upgrade!

If you want to sell your home this summer, start working on curb appeal now

ADN's real estate expert tells us that increasing the curb appeal of your house can help it sell for 7-14% higher. Some tips from The Alaska Show:

Be honest about that growing skiff/snow machine/motorcycle collection. Do you really think "I just need a couple parts and this thing'll be running like new"? Those rust buckets in your yard became their own individual ecosystems in 2014. Don't leave all those errors in judgment just sitting in your yard you're sending them subliminal messages.

Got a bad neighbor? Take them to the movies when you're showing your place. When gone mow their lawn and stuff a robe full of grasses and spruce needles and put it in a rocker on the porch. Tell your prospective buyer they're very clean and very quiet.

Ted Stevens International Airport sees record traveler numbers in 2019

5.7 million travelers in 2019, a 2% increase from 2018, came through Ted Stevens International Airport. Experts attribute that to more cruise ship passengers booking one-way flights in or out and new routes that open direct from Anchorage to Newark, Salt Lake City, and Seattle.

There are new flights planned to Chicago, San Francisco, and LA this summer. Additionally airline Eurowings is opening up a route to Anchorage from Frankfurt, Germany, which will bring people with a real love of rules and structure into direct contact with Alaskans.

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