Yes, you read that correctly. The Alaska Show has interns. Four of them, to be exact.

Harrison, Kobe, Fleet and Nisarg, all sophomores (and friends) at UNC Chapel Hill came up to Alaska for their spring breaks this year to create content for The Alaska Show. They went on the adventure of a lifetime starting in Anchorage to see the start of the Iditarod, then to adventures in Girdwood, and snow machining and fishing in Homer.

On this special episode we catch up with them on the last day of their trip. Alex and JJ talk about how they ended up in Alaska and we dive deep on topics like the value of a college education, how the job market is changing, Alaskan vs Lower 48 values, and how there's no career road map for young people anymore.

Meet the interns:

Nisarg Shah @nisargshah36

Fleet Wilson @fleetwilson

Harrison Lewis @hlewis99

Kobe Roseman @koberoseman

Find us at @AlaskaShow on Instagram, @TheAlaskaShow on FB, or find Alex and JJ on Instagram @AlexanderTrokey and @JCoe_Photographer

Show Notes

Intro - how they got here

Alaska in the winter as a tourist vs a local

When modern values come into conflict with old-school Alaskan traditions - Iditarod/dog sled racing, commercial fishing, big game hunting

Is The Alaska Show journalism? How journalism is changing with new technology and outlets.

Everyone needs to make content. People are making money with IG accounts and becoming “influencers” on social media, and there is no roadmap for it.

Career paths are changing so quickly - can college education keep up? What’s the value of college in today’s age?

The value of learning.

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