What it's REALLY like to Live in Homer, Alaska in the Winter

One question that we get all the time is "What is it really like living in Alaska in the winter?" I think people who are considering living here can get on board with the midnight sun and fishing and fun in the summer, but the cold and dark of winter is a frightening prospect.

In this video JJ and I give you a little tour of the Homer Spit, the most popular summer tourist destination in Homer, and talk about the different elements of surviving an Alaska winter. While we can't speak for every city and town - the culture and elements are dramatically different throughout the state - I think a lot of smaller towns who are dependent on tourism and salmon fishing share similar elements with Homer, and there's a lot of the Alaskan experience that is universal.

We talk about:

- What people do for work in Alaska in the winter

- Seasonal Affective Disorder in Alaska in the winter

- How winters tend to bring people and communities together

- How spending a winter in an Alaskan town can help you find your Alaskan summer dream job

- How dark it is in Homer in the winter

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