Facebook Group Rules

The Alaska Show groups are for Alaskans or people interested in the state to share information and content with each other concerning Alaska.

General Expectations

  1. Be Excellent to One Another: Be respectful and courteous. (see also, the Golden Rule).

  2. Be Informative: Our groups have one purpose: the exchange of information and help. The group is not for posting your random thoughts, musings, or general negativity. Your own social media pages are perfect for those things.

  3. Add a Member: How to add a member.

  4. Shaming and Trolling: No public shaming. Naming and shaming of businesses and individuals, as well as one-sided vents are not welcome in the group. We may choose make an exception for productive discussion of public officials. Please bring complaints to individuals, individual businesses, and bosses, not to us. Posts that serve the sole purpose to incite or inflame will not be tolerated. Trollers and those who make personal attacks, threats, or otherwise use hateful speech will be removed immediately and will be blocked from the group. Do not expect to be warned.

  5. Membership Courtesy: This is a privately-run group. Membership is a privilege. If you disparage the admins, moderators, or the group in general you risk removal.

  6. Please do not post screenshots of our groups elsewhere.

  7. Blocking: If you block any admins or moderators, we will remove you from the group. There is no way to warn you because you have us blocked. We need to be able to contact and/or tag members of the group. We cannot do this if we are blocked. Information about Facebook blocking.

  8. Complaints about local businesses, employees, etc.: If you have a bad experience at a business, please contact that business to resolve the issue rather than complaining about them in this group.

  9. Not a resident? No problem. You are still welcome here as long as you are passionate about Alaska.

  10. Over-posting and taking over posts: This group is for community discussion. We realize that our members might be passionate about a variety of topics. This means in a perfect social media universe, no single person’s name should dominate the discussion on the board, especially in the form of independent posts, but also in taking over other members’ posts. An example of over-posting is posting independent posts three or more times per day. An example of over-commenting is commenting on 25% or more of all new posts. An example of taking over another member’s post is turning it into a discussion solely about your own opinion. Please do not over-post or over-comment. Repeat offenders will be temporarily “muted” and risk being removed.

  11. Keep it Legal: See questionable activity? Report it to the police.

  12. Photos & Personal Information: Do not post photos of people or their personal information without permission.

  13. Bad Driving and other Violations: Do not post photos/actual numbers of license plates (unless wanted by the police/state institution).

  14. No Soliciting: Group members found to be targeting/soliciting other group members for their business will be removed.

Promoting Businesses and Advertising

  1. Free advertising for your business is NOT permitted. Any promotional post that benefits your business or organization constitutes free advertising.

  2. Advertising: We offer many reasonably-priced advertising options.

  3. If somebody asks for a recommendation, and your business applies, only previous customers may respond to the inquiry, within the appropriate thread. Businesses, their staff, and family/friends are not permitted to self-recommend. If you are tagged by a customer as a recommendation, you may reply as a sub-thread to the recommendation comment with your business or contact info. You will be given one warning when you break this rule and then you will be muted. Your third offense results in removal from the group.

  4. Shout-outs from customers or friends are not permitted as standalone posts.

  5. If you advertise your business, we will give you one warning. After that, you will be removed from the group. It’s your responsibility to follow the rules.

  6. Business job postings are paid advertisements only. Inquire here to advertise your business’s job.

  7. Send an email to thealaskashow@gmail.com for more information.

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